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Heartwood Self Assessment

It took me a while to type and publish this so this post is fairly old.

This is the last week of the school year for Heartwood ALC.

We’re running a special schedule this week where we reflect and have Group Game everyday. (Group Game time is a period when we all agree to play a game together for a few minutes or a few rounds until the opt out point. At that point anyone who no longer wants to play may go on with their day while others are free to continue)

For Monday’s reflection we looked at our Student Agreement contract and graded ourselves on how well we did at upholding those agreements. We also suggested edits for an updated contract next school year.

These averages are on a scale of 1 to 5. 1 for did poorly, 5 for did well. The red will be the student’s score for themselves as a unit. The green will be the facilitators score for the students.


  • Participate in Meetings:   4.5     4
  • Participate in Reflection:  4.2     3
  • Clean up During the day:  2.5     1.5
  • Clean up at End of Day:    4.2       4
  • Take Care of Space:           2.9      3.5
  • Take Care of Materials:      3.1      2.5
  • Respect Community Agreements from Change Up:        2.7      3.5
  • Respect Yourself:               4.1       4.5
  • Respect for Others:           2.2        3
  • Help Solve Conflicts        4.1         3.5
  • Be Responsible for Making School:
    • Fun                                 4.7         4
    • Happy                             4          4
    • Safe                               3.3         4
    • Supportive                    3.6         3


The only suggestion for changing the student agreements was choosing either the word fun OR happy as they are synonymous.

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