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Year 3

Heartwood is about to start its third operating year. WOW! How did we get here?

It’s been a hard, long, and sometimes very stressful journey. A lot of personal development and new perspectives. The school has shifted and adapted a lot. A few WFIO moments. (we’re fucked. it’s over)

We’ve gotten to a place of a resilient and healthy culture amongst youth and adults.

We have a lot of people to thank for their wisdom and support.

I’ve gotten a lot clearer about my mission and my own life has been deeply impacted by this work. My own ambition has increased.

Vision and persistence got us here. Passion and sacrifice got us here. Community got us here.


This year I want to focus a lot more on facilitating enriching activities that aren’t just one-off things. I want to add some depth. I want to add internship like activities. I want to create more community building events and memories.

This year I feel focused. I have realistic yet challenging goals.

I’ve learned more about working with parents, I’ve deschooled myself quite a bit. I’ve learned how significant culture is to everything.

Let’s see what this year will be about.


Also also, quite committed to blogging here again.

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