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Failure Is An Option. But It’s Cool Though

1 Month. Heartwood ALC has been open for 1 month.

We have under our belt 2 fundraisers in partnership with Clarkston Community Center, 3 Info Session, 4 field trips, 2 parent offerings, 1 volunteer party, and various iterations of our daily schedule, tools & practices.

I won’t linger on how exhausted I’ve been, no one wants to hear a bunch of complaining. There are some school directors in alternative education who would advise a person to move & find a school to volunteer/work at rather than trying to start one up. I know why now; it’s gruesome work. It’s comforting to know that I have the chops though. I don’t however ignore my privilege. I have a college degree and ample experience in childcare, education, and leadership. I’m a well spoken, impassioned visionary with a child like giggle. I’ve been able to visit quite a few different alt. ed. schools. I’m 25, single, childless, and don’t have luxurious taste. Some might say I’m in a “risk it all” phase of life with all my lack of responsibility.

It would seem that Heartwood ALC will be okay, at least for the school year. Far too early, and possibly impossible, to tell further than that. It was once told to me that in this alt. ed. nonprofit field, every year is a start-up year.

I accept that this endeavor could ultimately fail. Maybe some year, for some reason enrollment drops beyond ability to stay open. Maybe there’s unforeseen catastrophe. Maybe I get tired of this. Maybe some parents attempt to steer the school in a different direction via a coup, fail, and then decide to branch off into a new school taking most of my families with them. Maybe not.

All of life is experimental. Anything is possible. Maybe things go well, maybe they’re perfect. Eh.. I’m learning to be unattached to outcomes. Hoping to just enjoy the experience.


  1. NancyT says:

    Well if this is where you are in year one, woo hoo!!

    Last year I did a lot of work on myself to release any expect ion of “how is the school doing” to simply “what is going on today?” “How do I want to be today?” I told myself that I am a valuable and worthy human being no matter what. I am not the school, I am not defined by how the school does, by how the network does. I decided to work less and BE more. Not surprisingly, I did much less work and nothing bad happened. i leaned to enjoy each day. And make each day count.

    Failure is an option. And it won’t destroy you. Will school be open tmrw? Yeah. A yeah from now? I hope so. But if it isn’t, there will be some reason for that. I’ll be ok, as long as I know who I am today. As long as I’m alive and awake today, my life is worth living.

    You are alive @tonyg it’s amazing and revitalizing. Thank you.

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