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I Failed at Scary Story Time

At the beginning of the week a 6 year old student thought of a Scary Story offering. Everyone, myself included, was excited for this activity. We all sat together on the stage, curtains closed, lights out. They took turns telling their scary stories, that were not at all scary. On day two I was excited to go as I had been looking up scary stories to tell.

I decided I would show a scary story animation instead because I didn’t trust my ability to tell it and for it to actually be scary. My first pick was this video but I had a second thought. The gore was too much for our younger kids and I remembered we have a sensitive bunch so I decided to keep searching. My second pick was a live action interpretation of a similar story. Much less gore, a lot less scary, really just suspenseful.

Unfortunately, at least 4 kids have had trouble going to sleep this week because of it. Two of them didn’t watch it all the way through because they kept ducking in and out of the room. They only heard about what happened.

What a fumble!

Today I had a talk with one of them and she was telling me how the stories weren’t actually supposed to be scary but just terrible. This didn’t occur to me as I sat through one horrible story after another.

Major fail on my part.

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