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4.0 Schools

It looks like Heartwood ALC will be engaging in a meaningful and long term relationship with the organization 4.0 Schools. Last weekend Julia and I traveled to New Orleans for 4.0’s Tiny Fellowship onboarding program. In December I’ll be going back to NOLA for the Essentials school-builder program.

In short and borrowed straight from their website “4.0 Schools finds, trains, and invests in passionate people solving the most important challenges in education. We build communities around entrepreneurs and their ventures to help them grow their ideas into successful, sustainable organizations.”

The Tiny Fellowship provides funding for start-ups to test and modify their ventures, develop a client base, and build a sustainable organization. Heartwood specifically applied for support to intentionally address issues of diversity, inclusion, accessibility, and engagement in self-directed learning environments. Alternative schools like us are overwhelmingly populated by white, middle-class, college educated families. The plan is to be an example and model of how to stop this trend and provide a liberating education for all people who desire it.

The onboarding process has already given us a wealth of information to incorporate. They use a rapid brainstorming process that I think is really neat. Very excited about this opportunity and this new network of support.


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