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Riffing About Intentions and Reflections

For a little while I really was having trouble focusing on and processing my feelings and thoughts around some issues with our documenting intentions and reflecting on the day. Earlier this week I happened to have my laptop out and so just began to type it all out just to help get things out my mind and in order. I do this every now and then randomly when my mind is juggling too many thoughts and can’t make progress with anything. Below is what I typed. Unedited for spelling, grammar, or syntax.

Hopefully it benefits someone other than me.


New thoughts ideas about intention setting, reflection, set the day, offerings, etc.


I’m currently thinking about the student’s (some of them) lack of intention generation and the lack of variety in it as well, whether it be for the day or for the week (longterm project ideas). Side note, sometimes they randomly bring up good ideas but maybe we lack the tools/processes necessary to document that stuff in the moment so they can remember to seriously ponder on later. They usually bring something up at an inopportune time and forget about it.

Okay, so the whole point is for them to be intentional about how they want to spend their time and quite often some don’t know or have no plans during the few minutes we spend in spawn writing and sharing. Many of them are just kind of in the moment. This is okay, fine to go with the flow. It’s age appropriate for them. I admit mild concern about always going with the flow but trust that the rest of the process we practice will change that for that student when they’re ready. I’m inclined to step back from scrum and scheduling each morning. Many of our “offerings” aren’t that and maybe don’t really need to be scheduled on the board. They often suggest activities based on their sole interest with little to no consideration or assessment of community interest.

I guess what I’m trying to work my way up to saying is that I feel ready to schedule proper offerings. I’m less inclined to gather interests each morning. I’m still okay with people stating and documenting their intentions if they have any. More receptive to “go with flow” responses but still resistant when they have an unengaged attitude or when it seems like they’re saying that just to get spawn over with.

I’m wanting now to put more energy into reflections. Maybe you don’t have a plan for the day, that’s cool. When the day is over you certainly have done something with you time and it’s really important to review that. For the kids who tend not to have a plan, I think the beginning of them creating one and seeing the value of it comes from reviewing at least how they’ve spent their time. I have been very focused on intention writing and moving them to done at the end of the day but give very little energy to reviewing and documenting those unintended things.

Moving forward I want to make more out of end of day reviews. I want to move from only doing intentions that expire at the end of day to generating new intentions AND reviewing ongoing things.


AM: Today I plan to/would like to …

I’m much less concerned with documenting this than sharing it. However if undocumented they might not remember to review why they didn’t do it at the end of day

PM: What I did today was/Today I spent my time doing…

I didn’t do some things because…

Document this for a record of how they’ve truly spent their time.


Maybe their folders are ready to level up to be more kanban like. Including backlogged, to do, doing/work in progress lanes, done. I’d really like for these to be more public though, not closed folders. Just need a space to at least hold a weeks worth of DONE stuff to then be moved to reflections.

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  1. Jim Bailey says:

    Great reflection. I hear you brother. I agree that it could mighty beneficial to spend some more energy in the reflection phase, and that it might lead to better intention setting. Last week I made a change up meeting request that I’d like to see us move to 100% participation as a community in setting some intention for the day and putting it up on the kanban. We’re not there yet though. Today I even gave a resorted to a little locker room pep talk on this issue. We shall see. I do believe the consistency of the consistency of the culture will do it’s part to move the hesitant over time. Keep it up!

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