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Screening Interested Parents

As it relates to screening families who are interested in enrolling, what we’ve learned is important is that both parents or all involved & relevant adults be on the same page about the education choice. Ideally they’re both bought into self-directed learning and they understand and value the model. At the very least you want them both to be on the journey of deschooling. Without this I think you find yourself in repeat conversations where you’re having to ease the concerns and angst of one or more parents. Always having to deal with the threat of them unenrolling or not returning because of flare ups from the one parent who is not totally on board. This can be very draining so it’s best to be mindful beforehand.

Be mindful if the potential family will be engaging in a deschooling process upon joining you. Be sure to provide them with necessary resources, connections, and check-ins to aid the process. Many families operate from a place of fear and anxiety as they embrace self-directed education. All of their worry is to be expected when they have not yet experienced the validity of the model for themselves. It takes time.
Just be aware of how facilitating parents can be a beast of its own and they do need TLC.
The trial week and any pre-screening is mainly to see if the parents will work well for you. It’s checking that they understand what they’re opting into and making sure they won’t overtax staff. Assessing the children is a much longer experiment as their personality, quirks, and comfort takes time to reveal.
You might be able to check that the kid does not have any blaring signs of inability to be accountable, responsible, and independent. They can have deficits but they should be able to close those deficits over time.

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