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Week1- Keeping Busy

Tuesday and Wednesday, the first two days of school, were exhausting. The kids level of excitement and energy, though understandable, was overwhelming. It made it hard for me to exist peacefully inside. To keep help me ignore the chaos I’ve been having my own pursuits based on researching and prepping materials and activities to cater to student intentions. Focusing on this stuff has felt really good and it’s helped a lot. The day goes by quicker, not that I specifically want it to.

Building off of last years lessons I’m really aiming to have a year that’s rich with different activities and exposure. This week we’ve already formed classes around animal research, creative writing, and art.

For such a long time I’ve been wanting to introduce the kids to this game called Cities: Skyline. It’s an amazingly detailed city building game. The lessons in urban planning are abundant. It doesn’t have the bells, whistles, and flashing lights that the kids are use to so they all got bored quickly. Sucks that they aren’t into it but sometimes this happens.

Today I’m planning to do a Hrtwd Radio show. It’ll be a weekly review and reflection of the week with a student or two as a cohost. This is to give the parents a different format than email and to provide a little entertainment. Here is a link to our first show.

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