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Year3 Week2

Another week is coming to an end. Another week full of activities and classes. A trip to Museum Of Design Atlanta to view their exhibit on arts and craftivism. A lot of enrichment plans in the works. A lot of tweaks in programming and new notes on students. New facilitator training. Meetings after school 3 days in a row. Board meeting coming up.

I’m quickly falling back into that after school fatigue where 4 hours of me doing nothing quickly pass by and I’ve lost the opportunity to do something amazing with myself. Something about the day is burning me out. The noise. Wrestling. All the busyness. The chaotic movement of little people about the space.

I put on a solo art show for myself about a month ago. Having a deadline felt great. Right now I find the creative energy and inspiration has left me. Trying to find opportunities to jump start it.

Something I’m doing is not sustainable. I think maybe trying to directly facilitate as many specific interests as their are children is a bit overambitious a goal. There’s something not clicking for them about what school can be for them in an SDE context so I feel compelled to bring the resources to them instead of waiting for them to put energy into pursuing those resources. I’m sure that will evolve as the months go by.


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